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Massachusetts COVID-19 Outpatient Psychotherapist Info

This is a compilation of rapidly emerging information for outpatient psychotherapist in Massachusetts, regarding the provision of outpatient psychotherapy during the COVID-19 outbreak, primarily addressing doing it online or otherwise remotely to comply with social distancing.

This information is being compiled by a group of volunteers arising out of a Somerville, MA therapists' discussion group. Please join our effort here! If you are willing to contribute to this wiki with information or organization, please email

Insurers and other Payers - whether distance therapy is being covered, and how to bill for it

Malpractice Insurers - whether distance therapy is being covered

Telemental Health Practice Info - info and resources about how to take your practice online in a hurry

Laws, Regulations, Codes of Ethics - concerning the practice of distance therapy

Seeing Patients Not in Massachusetts - for when your patient isn't in MA

Taking Care of Yourself - resources to help you take care of yourself

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