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Insurers and Other Payers

Governor's Telehealth Coverage Executive Order, March 15, 2020: PDF at Crucial text from the Order:

[Payers] are hereby required to allow all in-network providers to deliver clinically approrpriate, medically necessary covered service to members via telehealth. […]

[Insurers] shall not impose any specific requirements on the technologies used to deliver telehealth services (including any limitations on audio-only or live video technologies.)

The GIC and all Carriers shall ensure that rates of payment to in-network providers for services delivered via telehealth are not lower than the rates of payment established by the Carrier for services delivered via traditional (i.e., in-person) methods, and shall notify providers of any instructions necessary to facilitate billing for such telehealth services.


BCBSMA - Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA





Unicare State Indemnity Plan


General Billing Info

Use location code 02 for telehealth rather than 11 for office
Use modifier GT or 95 for most insurers

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